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This pastry from Bordeaux is one of our favorite weekend bakes. Why so you may ask? Well, the secret to the crunchy outer crust lies in setting the batter aside in the fridge . . .

We are launching new products

Chocolate Chip Cookie

It's Mother's day weekend and what better way to surprise your mom or wife than with a sweet (well not that sweet, we bake with reduced sugar levels) homemade treat . . .

We are launching new products

Crispy Korean Kimchi Pancake

Looking for a side dish to go with dinner. Here's a Korean Kimchi Pancake recipe which is really yummy and easy to pull off! It's crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside . . .

We are launching new products

Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Hello everybody! Certainly hope you’re all safe and healthy. In the next couple of weeks, we're gonna be dishing out a few new recipes to hopefully keep everyone full and occupied this circuit breaker . . .

We are launching new products

Tofu Cheese Cake

Another lovely no-bake dessert. Silky smooth tofu cheese filling sitting on a chunky, crunchy, buttery crust, what's not to like? It takes just 30 mins so isn't it about time you get started? . . .

We are launching new products

King Prawn Roll

The lobster roll, something we all love to bits; but for many, it may be a little intimidating to prepare at home. Here, we introduce a more manageable and affordable version which is equally pleasing . . .

We are launching new products

Christmas Sio Bak

Crackling pork belly with a festive twist! If you like the original Sio Bak recipe, you’ll definitely love this. It’s the perfect dish for any party. Tantalizing step by step video brought to you by the . . .

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