Tecno Slim Line Hood with DYNA-X Motor & WIFI


Our DYNA-X motor brings together the latest dynamic blade technology to boost suction power while reducing noise levels to a whisper. Fitted into our best selling semi-integrated slimline chasis, our new DYNA-X powered cooker hoods would slot right into your lovely abode. Now equipped with WIFI Technology to enable remote access to you hood regardless of where you are.

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Slim Line, Wifi Enabled

Key Features

  • Increased airflow efficiency and ultra-low noise with our latest DYNA-X motor technology
  • Strong suction power up to 700m3/h
  • Stainless steel / Aluminum mesh hybrid filter for efficient removal of grease
  • Charcoal filters for effective removal of cooking odors
  • Air curtain technology to reduce fume escapement
  • Secondary oil catch tray
  • LED down lights
  • 3-speed LED sensor touch controls
  • Full black chasis with black acrylic front panel
  • Equipped with SMART WIFI – Remote on/off, fan control, light control

DYNA-X Motor

Twin DYNA-X motors bring together the latest Dynamic Blade Technology for improved suction while reducing noise levels.

Improved Suction Coverage

Air curtain panel helps slow down and reduce fume escapement, enabling better coverage.

3rd Generation Filters

3-ply stainless steel / aluminum hybrid filter provides optimal balance between suction power and oil-trapping capabilities.

Technical Dimensions