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Tecno 90cm High Suction Chimney Hood with Auto Clean


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Key Features

  • Our strongest motor to date with suction up to 1800m3/h;
  • Electronic sensor touch controls with LED display
  • Equipped with gesture control On/Off
  • 3-tier filtering system with Air Curtain technology to reduce fume escapement
  • Washable baffle filter with inner aluminum grease mesh
  • Charcoal filter for odor removal
  • Heated auto clean function heats and cleans oil residue off fan blades after 60 hours of cumulative operation
  • Large and easily removable drip tray for oil collection
  • LED down lights
  • Fully enclosed DC motor for extended lifespan
  • Black coated SPCC chasis

Heated Auto Clean

Heated Auto-Clean function activates after 60 hours of cumulative use, helping to soften and clear out oil residue from the fan blades – extending lifespan and improving efficiency

Air Curtain Panel

Air Curtain panel helps create a negative pressure area, resulting in a reduction in fume escapement and improved effectiveness.

Gesture Control

Our hands usually get dirty during the cooking process. The latest gesture control feature allows you to conveniently switch the hood on & off without having to lay hands on the control panel.

Technical Dimensions