Tecno 76cm DYNA-X Slim Hood with Auto Clean


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Key Features

  • Heated Auto Clean function heats and cleans oil residue off fan blades after 15 hours of cumulative operation
  • Increased airflow efficiency and ultra-low noise with our DYNA-X motor technology
  • Strong suction power up to 750m3/h
  • 3-Speed electronic sensor touch controls with LED display
  • 3-tier filtering system with Air Curtain technology to reduce fume escapement
  • Washable aluminum filter for efficient removal of cooking grease
  • Carbon filter for effective removal of cooking odors
  • Full matte black finish
  • Strip LED down light
  • One button high temperature cleaning
  • Easily removable drip tray for oil collection
  • Low noise level

Heater Auto Clean

Heated Auto-Clean function activates after 15 hours of accumulative use, helping to clear out oil residue from the fan blades – extending lifespan and improving efficiency.

Air Curtain Panel

Air Curtain panel helps create a negative pressure area, resulting in a reduction in fume escapement and improved effectiveness.

DYNA-X Motor

Twin DYNA-X motors bring together the latest Dynamic Blade Technology for improved suction while reducing noise levels.

Technical Dimensions