Tecno Slim Line Designer Cooker Hood with Maxi-Flow Motor


Our new Maxi-Flow Motor – Strong, quiet, efficient. Specially designed blades help maximize airflow efficiency while dynamic balancing significantly minimizes vibration, ensuring ultra quiet operation even at high speeds. Coated aluminium blades also provide excellent corrosion resistance while generating increased airflow.

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Slim Line

Key Features

  • Maximum airflow efficiency and ultra low noise with our latest Maxi-Flow Motor
  • Strong suction power up to 650m3/h
  • 3-Ply washable aluminium filters for efficient removal of grease
  • Charcoal filters for effective removal of cooking odors
  • LED down lights
  • Fully welded edges
  • 3-speed mechanical controls
  • Available in Black, White, and Stainless Steel with black acrylic front panel

Maxi-Flow Motor

Specially designed blades maximize airflow  efficiency for improved fume extraction while coated aluminum blades provide excellent corrosion resistance. Twin motors also help boost suction power and uniformity.

Ultra Quiet

Unique design and dynamic balancing significantly minimizes vibration and noise levels even at high speeds.

Technical Dimensions


W898 x D500 x H135mm