T23TGSV Matte Series

Tecno Matte Series Glass Hob (T23TGSV) with Inferno Wok Burner Technology


Equipped with our new high performance Inferno Wok Burner, the T23TGSV boasts a powerful flame which is the most efficient in the market. Its ergonomic design enables the use of an XXL-sized woks and 2 medium pots simultaneously while its sleek clean lines and heavy-duty pan supports make it a breeze to maintain – just everything you need in a cooker hob.

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Item Type

70cm, Glass Hobs


Matte Grey, Matte Black

Key Features

  • Powerful flame with 1 large Inferno Wok Burner, 1 Rapid burner, 1 Semi-Rapid Burner
  • Smooth turning valves
  • Ergonomic design fits 1 XXL-sized Wok and 2 medium pots all at once
  • Tecno x Schott Matte finish Tempered glass top
  • Equipped with instant ignition safety valve
  • Variable valve system allows the large inferno wok burner to double up for both the heaviest frying and the lightest simmering
  • High-strength aluminium alloy burners and brass burner caps make for long lasting components
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pan & Wok supports
  • Cool-touch designer knobs
  • Available in 2 stylish colours (Black/Black and Grey/Grey)
  • Lifetime warranty on SCHOTT Germany tempered glass cooktop – * Terms and Conditions Apply

Inferno Wok Burner

Every aspect of its sleek futuristic design is shaped by our pursuit to maximize flame efficiency and power. Its distinct piston-like cylindrical chambers not only makes for good design but also helps create longer and more intense flames by optimizing gas dispersion and ensuring ample oxygen intake through the spaces in between.

Cool Touch Knobs

Rose gold designer knobs add warmth and contrast to the sleek, avant-garde design. The knobs are made using cool-touch material to help reduce heat absorption from the powerful burners. Our high-precision valve also allows for precise flame adjustment just the way you want it!

Powerful flame

Everybody will adore the high power Inferno Wok Burners (left & right) which are designed and engineered to produce a powerful and efficient flame. Sheer heat generated from this revolutionary new burner allows food to be brought up to temperature much quicker, giving you that elusive charred flavour in your dishes.

Ergonomic design

Even at 75cm, burners are strategically spaced to fit 1 XXL-sized wok and 2 medium pots all at once. Everything is where it’s supposed to be, making user flow even more seemless.

Monochromatic Embossed Printing

The Matte glass series features matching same-colour Embossed Printing. Mesmerizing black prints for Matte black and grey prints for Matte Grey.

Technical Dimensions


Top: 750 x 500mm, Cut-out: 545 x 335 x 65mm