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Tecno Instant hot water dispenser with temperature control


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Item Type

Water Dispenser

Key Features

  • Instantaneous heating
  • Upgraded controls with 7 temperature options of room temperature, 45ºC,  55ºC, 65ºC, 75ºC, 85ºC & 100ºC or room temperature
  • Milk temperature selection at 40ºC
  • 5 water level selections: 100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 400ml or continuous
  • 4-litre detachable water tank for easy filling and washing
  • Last used/setting memory;
  • Auto child lock function;
  • Cleaning function;
  • Descaling Flash-On function reminder;
  • Stainless steel look body with LED touch control
  • Water level indicator
  • Detachable water drip tray
  • Dual thermostat double safety feature with anti-Boil dry overheat protection;
  • Equipped with STRIX water filter (able to use with or without)

Technical Dimensions


W190 x D275 x H345 mm