01 - December - 2015

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Kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs, and Kopi; Singapore’s favourite breakfast set. Everybody loves it, and rightly so. Here’s how to make it. (Warning, it requires much effort and patience.) Ofcourse, there are other slightly easier ways to go about doing it but we’ve opted for the scenic route, just so we appreciate it more the next time we bite into one of these delectable toasts at the coffee shop.



7-10 Pandan leaves
10 Eggs
280g Sugar
500ml Coconut milk



Step 1

Make pandan extract by cutting the pandan leaves into small pieces and blending them together with 50-60ml of coconut milk. Usually, water is added to the pandan leaves when making pandan extract but here, we chose to use coconut milk instead so as not to dilute the flavour of the kaya later on.
Step 2

Beat the eggs and sugar together until sugar has fully dissolved. Once done, mix in the coconut milk and 3 tablespoons of pandan extract.
Step 3

Heat the mixture over a double boiler. Stir regularly until mixture thickens to desired consistency. This process is relatively tedious and may take up to 1.5 hrs. (On the bright side, its a good exercise for getting rid of those bye bye fats!) To speed up the process, you may heat it over direct heat on low fire but be very careful not to let it get too hot.
Step 4

Let kaya cool and bottle it up to be stored.
Step 5

When ready to eat, toast 2 thin slices of white bread until crispy. Spread kaya jam and insert thin slices of butter everywhere!

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