19 - November - 2014

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A classic all around the world, the ham & cheese sandwich is a simple dish with 3 main ingredients. Nonetheless, you’ll hardly ever find two of the same anywhere you go. So here’s our version! And as its name suggests, it’s really cheesy.



40g Gruyere cheese
Plain white bread with skin removed
1 – 1.5 tablespoons of butter
15g of your favorite ham (We used Jamon Iberico)
(Makes 1 mini sandwich)



Step 1

Cut cheese into thin slices approximately 1-2mm thick.
Step 2

Slice the bread into half to obtain 2 small rectangular pieces.
Step 3

Butter 1 side of each slice. 
Step 4

Heat up pan for a couple of minutes on high heat. Once pan is hot, reduce to medium heat and place in the bread slices with the buttered sides facing down. While the bread is toasting, flatten it using a turner (or flat wok ladle) by applying pressure to the top. Flattening the bread will make it more compact, giving it a crisper bite. Toast until golden brown.
Step 5

Once done, remove the bread slices from pan and apply butter to the un-toasted side. Subsequently, layer the cheese slices onto the toasted side of each bread, followed by a layer of ham on top. Do ensure that the entire bread surface is covered. Combine both slices together (with the ingredients facing inwards towards each other).
Step 6

Reheat pan as per step 4 and place in the sandwich. Flip regularly until both sides are golden brown and the cheese is well melted. Likewise, flatten the sandwich during toasting by applying pressure to the top.
Plate and serve. 

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