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Company Profile

Tecno & Tecnogas are lines of quality Italian kitchen appliances backed by a strong tradition. Tecno & Tecnogas are exclusively distributed by Singapore Radio & Industry Pte Ltd (SRI) since 1971.

Being leaders in the home appliances market, Tecno & Tecnogas attributes much of their success to strategic marketing. Aided by a strong understanding of the local and regional markets, and a fundamental trust in its business associates, Tecno & Tecnogas claimed (and continues to maintain) strong foothold in the competitive retail market.

From the humble beginnings of being marketed by a simple trading firm, Tecno & Tecnogas have grown from strength to strength to become trusted home appliance brands. At the same time, it has expanded into the manufacturing arena as well.

Dedicated to product excellence, Tecno' & Tecnogas' merchandise are extremely durable, practical and functional. Fashionably designed with a taste for contemporary lifestyle, Tecno & Tecnogas puts together the best of style and substance to bring you kitchen equipment of the highest standards. All products carry a minimum guarantee of one year and are serviced by trained technicians.

Tecno & Tecnogas products can be found at all major departmental stores, electrical superstores and authentic retail outlets. With an extensive network of hundreds of resellers, Tecno & Tecnogas are undoubtedly names synonymous with trust and quality.

Singapore Radio & Industry Organisational Chart
Sales Department
With a highly dedicated sales team that strives continually to meet customers' needs, Tecno & Tecnogas have been making remarkable progress in expanding their market share. The hardworking sales team is constantly seeking new businesses and opportunities, while maintaining the quality service that existing clients have, and always will, receive.
Marketing Department
Working closely with the sales team, the indispensable marketing crew is always alert to sudden and unforeseen changes. Comprising of skilled analysts and sharp observers, the marketing team is highly sensitive to market indicators and is quick to react. Appropriately employing a variety of fundamental and creative tactics, the marketing team has successfully made Tecno & Tecnogas quality household names.
Delivery Department

Our after-sales service begins right at the delivery stage. We ensure that all products arrive at their designated stops on time and free of faults. Dealers can be assured that Tecno & Tecnogas provide home delivery to their customers as well. The delivery team closely supervises all deliveries and makes sure that there is no careless handling in-between.

Service Department

In line with our stance on providing excellent after-sales service, all Tecno & Tecnogas products come with a minimum guarantee of one year. In the rare event of product fault, we have ten groups of highly trained service technicians on call at the SRI's parts and repair centre. For the convenience of our users, a substitute of the faulty product will be offered for loan should repair services require a week or more. To maintain the quality of our best-selling products, we have four major after-sales teams specialising on gas cookers, washing machines, refrigerators, airconditioners, small kitchen appliances and aircon installation.

What's more, products requiring week-long repair services automatically entitle the customer to an emergency product loan. Because we understand that good after-sales service can keep your clients coming back again and again. And our's have.

Tecno Export

In a move to penetrate the vast overseas market, Tecno & Tecnogas have expanded our operations to the Asian-Pacific region. Building upon the excellent OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) model, Tecno & Tecnogas provide design/development services and exports the goods to foreign distributors interested in marketing our products.

Striving for a global presence to heighten its branding, Tecno & Tecnogas are aggressively pursuing business ventures with neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam and Thailand, just to name a few. Companies or individuals keen on acquiring Tecno & Tecnogas products to market in their native lands can contact the Business Development Department for more information.