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SR 828SV

Tecno 70cm Stainless Steel Cooker Hob with Inferno Wok Burner

Equipped with our new high performance Inferno Wok Burner, the SR 828SV boasts a powerful flame which is the most efficient in the market. Its ergonomic design enables the use of 2 large woks simultaneously while its sleek clean lines and heavy-duty pan supports make it a breeze to maintain - just everything you need in a cooker hob.

- 2 high power Inferno wok burners
- Variable Valve System (V.V.S)
- Brass burner caps
- Premium grade SU304 stainless steel
- Heavy duty cast iron pan support
- Battery operated ignition
- Cool touch Bakelite knobs
- Instant ignition safety valve

In Stock
Price:  S$ 498.00